We give you the pleasure of owning a tuxedo without the inconvenient parts.

During our no-hassle, on-demand tuxedo fittings, we will select a tuxedo that fits you best from our large inventory. We clean and maintain our tuxedos so that they look new for every customer; if they don’t look new, we retire them.

Tuxedo Rentals for Weddings and Other Events

At your wedding, your bride is expected to look her best, and she will. She expects the same from you – but what about style? Our rentals come in shapes and sizes for every groom and wedding. We will ensure not only that you look handsome, but also that you look striking together with your bride. Our tuxedos are also available for other Rancho Bernardo area events, selected from the best designers for our discerning clients. Tuxedo fittings take only fifteen minutes, and we take walk-in appointments. Take the tension out of shopping for – and owning – a tuxedo. Wherever you take our tuxedo, you will make a strong, polished impression. For more information about our Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Rancho Santa Fe tuxedo rentals, contact one of our tailoring consultants at (858) 485-1558 or 1559.
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